Abhi Patodi iot Consultant | iot Expert | iot Trainer

15 - 30 JUNE, 2019, Indore - India

Internet of Things Workshop 2019

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Internet of Things Workshop 2019

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We aim to deliver extensive range of IoT consulting and implementation services for all your business problems.


Looking to start a career in IoT, attend our extensive IoT workshop to have a kick-start in your career.


Yearning for an automated business solution to overcome you petty business issues, you are at right place.

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Concepts of Internet of things (IOT)

  Future of Internet of things.

  Use Cases with IOT Analytics.

  Application of Internet of Things.

  Current Market of Internet of things.

  Top 10 IOT influenced Companies and their solution.

  Availability of Readymade IOT Hardware + Software + Platform solutions.

  Understanding IOT technology & its Architecture with details explanation.

Detailed & Logical architecture in terms of D2D, D2S, S2S communication

Device to Device [D2D] communication

Understanding of Various Analog/Digital sensors (like Temperature, Light, Humidity, IR, Ultrasonic, moisture, current etc.)

Embedded Development Boards – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 (Node-MCU) etc.

Interfacing peripherals & Programming GPIOs

What are wireless & wired communication protocols and understanding for each

How sensors/actuators/RFID/GPS Nodes are connected to IOT gateway

And why IOT gateways are required rather than sending data directly to cloud through each sensor nodes

Device-To-Server [D2S] communication

What are the communication channels & how to prioritize them with respect to network requirement?

What are messaging protocols & where they reside on TCP/IP stack model & what are their importance in terms of device to server communications with live example?

What are available server-side frameworks & Why node.js for real time IoT data with some use cases and how to work with MQTT/REST API’s on server?

How to store data in NOSQL [MongoDB] database

Server-To-Server [S2S] communication

How to pass data from backend [Server] to front-end [Client] using REST API’s

What are front end framework or REST clients [Mobile App / Dashboard]

Practical Sessions

Sr. No Connectivity Protocol Communication Channel Messaging Protocol Cloud Platforms
1 GPIO(Wired) Ethernet REST/Web socket THINGSPEAK PLATFORM
4 GPIO(Wired) Ethernet/Wi-Fi REST/MQTT &Web socket IOT PLATFORM

IOT product using Raspberry pi device

Getting started with Raspberry-Pi: Raspberry-Pi Hardware Description & Interfacing Components + Booting + Wi-Fi/Bluetooth setup + Accessing the Pi + Rasp-Bean OS (Linux) + Basic commands + SSH (Putty/X-Ming).

Raspberry-Pi interfacing & python programming: Multi-session +Playing with python (Arithmetic Conditions + Loops + functions) +Analog/Digital sensor (Input) interfacing with GPIO’s + Actuator(Output) interfacing.

Real time Data monitoring on multiple Thing-speak channels from Raspberry-pi.

Hands on practical’s with IoT Gateway (Raspberry-Pi) on Industrial/Enterprise IoT Platform

Sr. No. Connectivity Protocol Communication Channel Messaging Protocol Cloud Platforms
1 Wireless (Zig-Bee) Ethernet/Wi-Fi MQTT/REST AWS IOT Platform
2 Wired (Serial) Ethernet/Wi-Fi MQTT/REST IBM Blue-mix Watson

Develop Mobile Application for Android platform to control devices using Rest apis etc.

Introduction to Alexa (Echo Dot) and how to control devices using Alexa skills

Questions and Answers sessions

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